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Selling Your Land

Manufactured Home


Selling your land or your manufactured home isn’t always an easy decision. You may wonder if you’re cashing in on what was once a personal dream, especially if your land has been in the family for decades.

The market for families selling land and manufactured homes isn’t as active and robust as it is for selling a home. Disposing of property isn’t convenient.

Sandra will gladly listen to your concerns as a seller and, based on her knowledge and experience, help you decide if selling is in your best interests. She’ll give an honest evaluation regarding the value.

If you decide to move forward, then she’ll offer a realistic price that’s right for the market.

Image by Federico Respini
Image by William VanBuskirk

She does her research and stays connected to potential buyers, especially those who are looking to build an affordable home or secure a pleasant vacation spot.

Sandra offers competitive fair or above market offers on all properties with consideration of re-marketing and closing expenses.

Sandra will ensure that a proper title search is done. She can do it herself or use an escrow company. All documents needed for the land purchase agreement are handled and recorded properly, including the transfer of deeds.

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