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Buying land - and buying it affordably

States with the most land to buy—and buy affordably

Buying raw land or an existing parcel of property is a proven way to create an affordable family home and still live fairly close to mid-size or growing metro areas.

Real estate news for 2021 is the soaring cost of housing prices around the country, but there are states where buying land is inexpensive. You then have options for making your home a reality:

· build a home using traditional construction

· have a modular home with custom features designed and assembled on site

· purchase a manufactured home with the latest amenities

So where can you go?

Here’s what we’re doing: matching your personal goals and interests with the best pricing and places to live.

That’s why I invite those who are buying land or selling land to contact me for a personal consultation.

Most Parcels of Land to Buy

This list has no interpretation. It’s just simply a list from LandWatch of the states with the most amount of land to buy for any reason—homesteading, farming, or recreation.

Texas 54,923 parcels

Florida 48,862 parcels

Georgia 47,222 parcels

North Carolina 43,026 parcels

Tennessee 30,723

Now let’s run some numbers.

Most Land Parcels for Less than $10,000

Let’s head to northwest Arizona.

Mohave County, Arizona has the most listings for land parcels at less than $10,000 each, according to which drew from figures provided by LandWatch.

The parcels vary in size, but all listings of less one-tenth of an acre were not on the list.

Don’t write off Mohave County as being “nowhere.” Kingman is the county seat and it’s less than a two-hour drive from Las Vegas.

The Colorado River runs along Mohave County and there’s plenty of jet ski action in Bullhead City, across the river from the casinos of Laughlin, Nevada.

Lake Havasu City is south with boating and it’s 2 ½ hours driving to Vegas and 3 ½ hours to Phoenix.

Now let’s change it up and look at the states where land is considered the cheapest to buy.

Top 5 States to Buy Land Cheaply

This list that comes from Investopedia includes states that consistently rank among those known for buying affordable parcels of land:

· Tennessee

· Arkansas

· West Virginia

· New Mexico

· Arizona

The focus of the article was geared toward land for retirees to buy but working families can certainly benefit as well.

How long will Tennessee remain on the list of states with cheap land to buy?

A quick online check shows that the cost per acre of land in Tennessee is about $14,000 per acre, of course this will vary for the type of land and location. That’s just above the average price of $12,000 per acre in the U.S.

The state currently has 6.9 million people and has been increasing from a rate of .95% in 2017 to .83% in 2020. The World Population Review projects the state will have 7.5 million residents within four years.

The Volunteer State currently ranks 9th on the list of LandWatch for all combined land parcels for sale. This includes land for farms, hunting and ranching.

The eastern region of the state has the most available land for sale with 12,411 properties.

Consider Charleston, West Virginia

A 6 ½ acre lot near Charleston, West Virginia is listed at $25,000 on while a 3.3 acre lot is listed for just over $24,000.

Remember that our goal isn’t just buying land for as cheaply as possible, but having an affordable home that allows us to have an enjoyable quality of life.

So consider Charleston.

It’s the capital city of the state but it only has 48,006 residents according to the Census Bureau. That’s a drop from over 51,000 residents in 2011.

There’s minor league baseball, home to the West Virginia Power along with the Juliet Art Museum and summer outdoor concerts via the Clay Center.

But Charleston is also a city that lets a resident pivot from one part of the U.S. to another. It’s only a 5 ½ drive to Washington, D.C. and the eastern seaboard.

Want the Midwest? It’s only a 3 ½ drive to Cincinnati.

Top States for Homesteading

This list comes from and refers to Idaho as having the best soil in the U.S.

Notice that Tennessee and West Virginia are also on this list.



West Virginia



In Conclusion

Your personal preferences play an important role in how you approach buying land and selling the land that you want to dispose of.

I’ve used my decades of experience in real estate to help numerous clients reach their goals and many times I’ve brought both buyers and sellers together.

Contact me and let’s discuss your goals.

Stay informed with my blog:


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