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Know Your Purpose for Owning Land

Know Your Purpose for Owning Land

When you own land, you have control over that parcel of property. But make sure that you buy for a reason and have a clear purpose for how you’re going to use the property.

Your Reasons to Own Land

Land is still available throughout the U.S., says Sandy Cantu who chose a motto that she’s passionate about, “Making Property Ownership Possible.”

You can buy land and use it for a variety of compelling reasons:

· An affordable place to own your home

· A vacation spot for you, your children and grandchildren

· An asset to buy and hold for the long term

· A parcel outside a metropolitan area where development is occurring

Just for your curiosity, there’s yet another reason for owning land.

The reason lies with the man who owns more farmland than any individual in the U.S.

Who is he?

Hint: he was one of the early tech guys.

America’s Number One Farmland Owner

The person who owns more farmland than anyone else in the U.S. is Bill Gates.

An article in The Land Report notes that Bill Gates has amassed quite an impressive spread of 242,000 acres of farmland spread throughout several states.

He’s invested heavily in Louisiana, Arkansas and Nebraska.

But growing crops isn’t the only reason for Gates’ land investment. He’s got an eye for development, too, with land west of Phoenix, slated for suburban development.

But let’s go back to the farming question.

Why would you honestly own farmland?

A Unique Reason for Land Ownership

Think of the farm-to-table movement. There are the large argi-business spreads, but grocery shoppers and local restaurants also appreciate produce that’s grown and harvested organically.

Dig into the topic with this article from U.S. Foods on why “simple, sustainable and stylish cuisine” is a hit for restaurants.

In October 2020, the Department of Agriculture awarded $27 million to support local food projects. The money supports projects ranging from farmers markets and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs to roadside stands and pick-your own operations.

This is a very specialized area and you’re not going to rush into buying property in this niche unless you’ve laid out a smart business plan.

But it does show what can be done when you hold the deed to a parcel of land.

As a real estate and land professional, Sandy takes a unique interest in her clients—both those who need to sell and those who want to buy. She understands that each person and family has a reason to dispose of their property or a reason that they’re looking to purchase—so she brings people together in a low-pressure way.

Here’s an easy way to read about land ownership by browsing Your Guide to Buying Land: The Heart and Soul of America.

Cantu Land Plus makes this free guide easily accessible and offers a case study of a seller and a buyer who bought land to build a home for his family.

You can also call Sandra, 813-690-4979.


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