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Knowing the Differences Between Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes

If you’re considering buying land for a new home or as a vacation spot, have you thought about the type of home that’s right for your situation?

Look at the following list and see what’s most important for you:

· Appearance

· Durability (you want it to last for decades)

· Affordability

· Customization

You have the traditional site-built option available where an architect draws up plans, the local county or city approves the plans and the construction company works from the blueprint.

Then you have two more products: manufactured homes and modular homes.

Manufactured homes cost less than homes that are built on the site while modular homes usually cost less as well. But modular homes can be sprawling and be more complex than traditionally built homes.

Manufactured and modular home options are ideal for growing families with children or empty nester couples who are downsizing. And they can look every bit as attractive as a site-built home.

The differences between the two choices include how the homes are produced, transported, and erected.

The Manufacturing Process

Manufactured homes are made completely in a factory with a controlled environment so weather won’t delay construction. Modular homes are designed, produced in sections, and then assembled on the home’s site and foundation. Both types of homes are manufactured using technology to make precision cuts and patterns while aiming for a zero-defect manufacturing process.

Many of the materials used in today’s manufactured homes are the same as the materials used in site-built homes but homeowners save money because the process is much more efficient. There also aren’t delays for drawing up plans and getting permits from the local county or city as can be the case with homes built on site.

The Setting Up Process

Families who buy land to set up a home will have the expense of leveling the property for a manufactured home or having the foundation prepared for a modular home.

Manufactured homes are still transported to the homeowner’s site on a specially designed chassis so the homes aren’t impacted by the vibrations on the roads. Sections of modular homes are then erected according to the factory design.

The set up is efficient and quick, reducing the overall home cost when compared to a home that’s built on site.

The Appearances

Both options come in many different styles. Manufactured homes are rectangular, just like they were when they were referred to as mobile homes but so many different styles are available today. Sizes are available for retirees to large families.

Manufactured homes are built in sections as noted by a leading builder, Clayton Homes. Buyers have choices between:

· single-section dwellings start at just over 780 square feet to 1,440 square feet

· double-section homes range from 1,344 square feet to 2,432 square feet

· triple-section homes can vary from 2,016 square feet to 2,970 square feet

Your Home and Land as Freedom

Home ownership can be freeing since you have an asset and aren’t paying rent. Isn’t that what most of us want?

In many cases, though, owning a home with the mortgage, maintenance costs and property taxes becomes a financial burden. That’s especially true in high-cost areas like the metro areas along either the east coast or west coast.

A manufactured home or modular home, on land that you own, can reduce your overall costs and give you a lifestyle where you’re financially free and not burdened by debt.

Get input on land that’s right for your needs as you look into the types of homes that are right for you.

Get a free copy of Your Guide to Buying Land: The Heart and Soul of America. Check out the resources in it and the case study of someone who sold his land with Sandra Cantu and a family who bought their land with Sandra’s help.

Sandra is a real estate and land professional with over 25 years of experience and she truly cares about her clients whether they’re wanting to sell land or buy. Set up a phone appointment with her—813-690-4979.

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