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Manufactured Homes: An Affordable Home Solution

Manufactured Homes: An Affordable Home Solution

Imagine: living in a comfortable home on your own land without rent worries, a high mortgage or property taxes.

That would relieve a lot of stress. Home ownership—and land ownership—can be smart financial moves.

What type of home would be most comfortable for you?

How about one where you step inside to an attractive entryway? In front of you is a spacious living area and off to one side is a kitchen with the latest countertops and appliances. Down one hallway are the bedrooms with plenty of light streaming through the windows.

That’s a concise description of today’s manufactured homes.

Read on to discover their benefits.

Manufactured Homes and Quality

If you want to buy land and own a home that you can easily afford then definitely consider living in a manufactured home, the term that’s used now in place of “mobile homes.”

The homes are built in a controlled environment by companies that are making precision designs and cuts using today’s robotic technology. The programmable nature of factories assures a quality, finished product. It’s realistic to have zero defects at the end of the process.

You can see how the walls and floors are made in the article How Manufactured Homes are Constructed. Steel beams are used to evenly distribute the weight of the home—and withstand the vibration when the home is transported.

Floor joists are made with 2x6s or 2x8s. The heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical are installed through the floor joists. Air ducts can be installed through roof trusses.

The top manufactured home brands are made throughout the U.S.—from Alabama and Texas to Minnesota, Nebraska and Idaho.

You may find a property that you like and have a home built relatively close by.

Reasons to Live in a Manufactured Home

Let’s say you want a lifestyle that’s financially smart, low stress, but comfortable. Consider buying land within easy driving distance of a metropolitan area.

Check the Featured Properties page for Cantu Land Plus and you’ll see a current listing of properties in Arizona. The listings will be updated, and Sandra Cantu can locate land in many areas of the country.

You can enjoy quality living and be within an easy drive of cultural events, especially at local colleges and universities. You can choose to live within a community or on a separate parcel that you beautify with landscaping.

Here are some of the top reasons to choose this type of home and lifestyle:

· Avoid high rents or a mortgage with high property taxes

· Downsize to comfortably living off savings and investments

· Control your family’s financial future

· Spend less on home and more on travel or a child’s education

· Live within a community or independently

· Pride of home ownership

Manufactured homes can be great for entry level home buyers or those who have plenty of equity in a family where they decide to sell and downsize. Don’t expect to buy this style of home, live in it and sell it for future appreciation.

However, you’ll enjoy lower bills than in a traditional home. And in a state like Florida, there’s a homesteader exemption and you might not even have to pay property taxes because the value of the manufactured home is less than the exemption.

Laws change so check your local area for the latest exemptions and tax regulations.

Key Facts about Manufactured Homes

Recent figures show that:

· 22 million Americans live in manufactured homes

· 30% of the homes are in southern and western states

· Texas, Florida and Louisiana have the largest number of manufactured homes

Get Personalized Attention

If you’re thinking about selling land you own, or buying a property, then speak with Sandra Cantu, a professional with 35 years spanning local and international real estate. She values working closely with both sellers and buyers to bring them together in a trusted relationship to meet their goals.

You can also call Sandra and schedule a time to share your questions: 888-803-6005.

Learn more about buying and selling land. Read How to Reevaluate Where You Want to Live.


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