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News 4 Tucson: Tax Troubles at Diamond Bell Ranch

After four years of continued rejections from various news sources, and my persistence of not accepting NO as an answer, KVOA-NBC Tucson kindly researched through the voluminous amount of data that I submitted regarding the millions of dollars owed in back taxes in an abandoned development, known as "Diamond Bell Ranch, in Tucson, Arizona. The original developer, Mort Freedman, after abandoning the development over 40 years ago, owes over $2 million. Pima county has allowed him to behave as King, thereby adding to the issues. The area can easily be rezoned to allow manufactured housing, but the current small enclave of homeowner's will not budge. The area has been a waste land of drug cartels, child trafficking, drug use and smuggling, to name a is truly heartbreaking that these criminal activities are allowed, but not manufactured housing...

As one individual commented and suggested, the County merely has to be forced to abide by the Rural Residential zone that is the LEGAL zoning for the area. The provisional zoning of CR-1 is based on the planned community premise but is not applicable as it does not meet the legal criteria for a planned community. The zoning of CR-1 as it stands now is arbitrary and an arbitrary policy is unlawful.


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