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Overcoming emotional attachments to selling your land or property

Overcoming Challenges in Selling Land with Sandy Buys Houses

Selling land has challenges that are quite different than selling a single-family home. Maybe your land has been in the family for many years and there’s been little appreciation.

You can have realistic concerns about the handling of details during the transaction.

Pricing land isn’t easy, either. How close or far is it from a growing metro area? How is it zoned? And if it’s zoned residential, is it near a multi-use area?

Sandy Cantu specializes in helping homeowners and investors buy land and helping sellers dispose of their property. She can also connect sellers with buyers and understands that a client’s best interests must come first.

Her end goal is having clients who are satisfied with how the transaction occurred. Based on her years of real estate experience, she can set realistic expectations for sellers and guide them through the selling process.

She knows the challenges that exist and can help overcome them each step of the way, as noted in her free guide to buying land where a seller is also profiled.

Emotional Attachment to the Land

In the 1960s, radio stations in Chicago promoted the promise of buying raw land in Arizona—a place where one could escape the rigors of the winter wind, snow and sleet blowing off of Lake Michigan.

Families who bought land at that time and kept the ownership in the family may need to sell today. And in doing so, they’re selling off what were once hopes and dreams.

Land can have an emotional attachment and Sandy completely understands this.

She’ll never pressure any seller to part with property, but she can talk through the value of either holding it or the practical benefits of selling it.

Being able to let go of anything that we’ve held on to is a process that Sandy knows quite well.

Knowing How to Price the Land

Pricing land isn’t as easy as pricing a single-family home for sale or even a duplex or four-unit building. Sandra will help you set realistic expectations for a selling price. These are some of the variables that impact the best listing price:

· Raw land away from a growing area or near an expanding metro area

· Land with accessible utilities including water, or no utilities

· Land that includes a manufactured home in good condition or poor condition

You may know the various conditions that impact price. Sandra will let you know, based on her 30-plus years of experience, what you can expect for the value of the land in the market where it exists.

Connecting with the Right Buyers

A great challenge in selling land is working with a real estate agent who knows how to connect you with the right buyers. Choosing a buyer may seem obvious, but Sandra knows the profiles of serious buyers.

A younger family with experience in a trade that’s related to construction is a good profile of someone willing to buy raw land. They aren’t afraid of having to grade the lot and connect utilities. If they have a sense of adventure, then that’s even better.

A retired single person or couple who wants to buy their own land and place a manufactured home on the lot is also a good profile. They don’t want to live in a manufactured home community where the lots can be sold out from beneath them. When that happens, a developer can raise the rental rates to be more than what the homeowners expected.

Sandra works through an existing network and has a successful track record of matching buyers and sellers.

Handling Transactions

Paperwork is no small matter. Expect Sandy to work with the local county and all entities to ensure that the title is properly transferred and there are no surprises or glitches that can thwart a successful disposal of property.

Read the Free Guide

You’ll read about a profile of a buyer and seller, plus learn other important points to consider.

Then contact Sandra for a brief conversation and let her know your questions.

She’s always no pressure because her goal is having satisfied clients who can speak highly of her work.

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