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Selling Your Land and Knowing the Right Buyer

There was a reason you bought the land you own and now it may be time to sell.

Let’s dig deeper into the subject by understanding the personal side of land ownership.

What do you want from selling your land—and how do you know it’s time to sell?

You may not have a crystal-clear answer.

The real estate we buy and sell is based on personal decisions like our desires for a better quality of life. We want homes where we’re comfortable or we’ve purchased parcels of land to have a place where we can start new lives or create a simple vacation retreat.

If you’re thinking about selling your land, or you’re ready to sell, then you’ve gone through a process of letting go. Making the decision can be an emotional one, but knowing that qualified buyers are waiting can make the whole process easier to handle.

Connecting with sellers and buyers is one of the benefits in working with Cantu Land Plus.

Sandra Cantu honors a family’s decision to put their property on the market while seeking buyers who have a vision for their future. She uses her 25 years of experience in real estate in the U.S. and internationally to bring both parties together in a way that’s transparent and easy to manage.

Relationships are important to Sandy so let’s look closer at what it means to dispose of a property.

Basic Differences Between Selling a Home and Land

Homes can be upgraded for curb appeal, so they get the highest possible price on market. Land is different. Getting comparable prices isn’t easy and finding the right buyers can be tough since the market is less active than the residential housing market.

Realtors often stage a house to make it look its best with fresh paint, updated electrical, appealing cabinetry and kitchen countertops that make you want to run your hand over them.

Land? Not the same.

Vacant land may be filled with weeds, boulders and need grading before building a house or even making a level spot for a long-term RV. A land buyer must have more of a vision and can have a sense of adventure. You need to know what to appeal to.

The Personal Side of Selling and Buying Land

Most real estate transactions have a deeply, personal element. A family wants a dream home or the children have moved on and now it’s time to sell the home.

Buying land to develop for commercial purposes is about the return on investment, but buying property for personal use requires buyers to know different details like bringing utilities on to the lot and hiring skilled tradespeople and craftsmen.

This is where Sandra listens to her clients who are either sellers or buyers. A business transaction has to take place and the parties involved need to trust each other.

Pricing Land for Sale

A price that’s too high can turn off buyers and then the property begins to sit, unwanted. But you don’t want too low a price, either, so Sandra looks for what is fair in the available market. Her professional and personal experiences include buying and selling homes—and land—so she’s uniquely qualified to understand both the seller’s needs and the desires of the buyer.

Tips for selling your land include:

· Wide-angle and close-up photos

· Describing the property from the buyer’s point of view. Examples include headlines like “ready to relocate and build the home you want?” or “Imagine an affordable vacation spot.”

· Being upfront about any issues such as right-of-way or lack of utilities

· Is your land suitable for a first-time buyer who’s going to hire professionals or can it be marketed for an adventurous, trail-blazer who’s the ultimate Do-It-Yourself homesteader? Know who you’re appealing to in order to sell your land to the right buyer.

A Free Resource

Download Your Guide to Buying Land: The Heart and Soul of America, to read a story of a seller who worked with Sandy Cantu and a buyer who gives his reason for buying land for his family.

It’s a brief and entertaining read for sellers and buyers. Sandra Cantu produced it because she wants people to get educated about the benefits of land and how she handles the details in a transaction.

Contact Sandra to make an appointment and get answers to your most pressing questions.


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